Latest Craft - Shuttle 370


​Small Craft Design and Engineering

40Knots specialises in small-craft design and marine engineering and boat construction project management. Founded by Dick Churley and Baren Smit, the value of 40Knots lies in its partner’s track record, experience and specialist knowledge in:

  • Design & engineering of commercial and luxury small-craft.
  • Project management of one-off boat construction projects and the development of GRP tooling for production boat building.
  • General boatbuilding management consulting.


Latest Craft

37 ft Semi-custom Inter-Island Sea Shuttle  

This new project for 40Knots is a custom order for our client in the BVI who intends to use the vessel for an airport shuttle service.

Ideal for island-hopping legs up to 30 nautical miles, with a range of 200 nautical miles, the 370 Inter-Island Sea Shuttle provides fast, comfortable, luxurious, cost-effective, and safe passenger transport for your inter-island transfers. Your client’s island holiday and initial resort experiences start here.

Your clients will experience the remarkable hydrofoil-assist technology which ensures a significantly smoother and faster ride, and together with the on-board luxury features, redefines small ferry travel.

Features to benefit your passengers:

  • Maximum 12 passengers
  • Covered cabin with sufficient standing head-room and 360° views through large glass windows
  • Ample, safe luggage storage
  • Silent air conditioning, run from solar panels
  • USB charging ports
  • Sound system
  • Refreshment station
  • Toilet (heads) with wash handbasin
  • Comfortable seating
  • Tinted windows with laminated safety glass
  • Contemporary styling with quality finishes aimed at the luxury market
  • Safety -- designed and built to international CE-ISO standards for small commercial vessels

As an owner or operator, expect to benefit from the following features:

  • Due to the hydrofoil-assist technology,
  • Lower fuel consumption (30% reduction)
  • Lower emissions and reduced carbon footprint
  • Cruise speeds of 28-30 knots
  • Softer ride for improved passenger and crew comfort
  • Reduced wear-and-tear on the vessel
  • Reduced interior cabin noise
  • Improved passenger and crew experience
  • Luxury styling and fittings
  • Due to the 12 pax maximum limit, the vessel is not classified as a passenger craft.

We can customise the following for you:

  1. The engines and propulsion system
  2. Interior cabin layout

Please see a more detailed technical summary and email us for further information.